Camp Perry 2014

Every year, I travel to Camp Perry, Ohio for the National Rifle Matches. At these matches I compete in CMP Service Rifle, the National Mid-Range Championship, the National Long-Range Championship, and this last year – the National Full-Bore Championships. So let’s start from the beginning of my month long trip; the CMP across the course championships. Now if you don’t know anything about across the course shooting you shoot offhand at 200 yards then rapid fire sitting and you have a time limit of 60 seconds to get off 10 aimed rounds with a magazine change. After those stages, you move back to the 300 yard line and shoot rapid fire prone which is again 10 shots with a magazine change only this time you have 70 seconds. The last stage you shoot for the day is slow fire prone from the 600-yard line; 20 shots.  You spend a week firing this same course of fire everyday shooting for different matches and different titles. You also fire two, four and six man team matches, where you all shoot the course of fire and your scores are combined. Team Matches are the only times that coaches are allowed. Everything else you have to fire completely on your own, with no help form others. After across the course is over you have a choice between NRA across the course or the National Mid-Range Matches. The NRA across the course matches is similar to the CMP across the course however instead of shooting every stage every day they select certain stages for different days (You also get two practice shots- they call them sighters.). So for example, one day you may shoot two offhand and one slow fire prone or both rapid fire stages and one of the two slow fire. No matter the order of the stages those days they are still fun. Your second choice is the national NRA Mid-Range Championships. In these matches you fire all slow fire (one shot per minute) prone from 300, 500, and 600 yards. You have 22 minutes to fire 2 sighter shots and 20 shots for record. This week starts with a four-man team match and the rest of the week is all individual matches, the matches switch back and fourth between any sight and iron sight matches. An any sight match is where you are allowed to use any sight system you would like to use, most people switch from their iron sights to a scope on their rifle. Then in the iron sight matches you are only allowed to use iron sights and no scopes. The National Long-Range Matches are much similar to the Mid-Range Championships. However, instead of 300, 500, and 600 yards you shoot 800, 900, and 1000 yards. And just like in Mid-Range, you will have any sight matches and iron sight matches. During these matches there are also Team Matches. I have been fortunate enough to fire for the U.S. Under 25 Young Eagles Team for Long-Range. The final week of my trip to camp Perry was the national full bore championships. Next year the World Long-Range Championships and the International Full-Bore Championships are being held at Camp Perry, Ohio. This last year was kind of our run through to see how things will go next year. During the National Full-Bore Matches, I got to shoot with the under 25 U.K. Team, and what fun that was! We had competitors from all over the world this year countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Australia, and many more. Camp Perry is always a trip to look forward to and next year can’t come soon enough! 


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