Midwest Palma Championships

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Midwest Palma Championships in Lodi, Wisconsin at the Winnequah Gun Club and what an experience it was! I had the greatest time, not only did I get to be on a beautiful range every day but the people there are so great to be around. We kicked the week off with a 4 man team match and a practice day. Although I did not shoot on a team, since we did not have enough juniors for a team, I had a fun time shooting the practice and getting back in the saddle after not shooting Long Range for about a year.


Every day started off with the firing of a cannon, the playing of the National Anthem with the raising of the American Flag. I really do like it when matches start this way. It makes me proud of what we do and where we live. On the last day of the matches, I was the lucky gal who got to fire the cannon for the day’s opening.


The rest of the week was mixed with fantastic shooting and thunderstorms. The weather was hot, and the mirage was intense. Luckily, there was usually a slight breeze to help cool us off, while we were on the line. I now know why this club has a match they call the Lobster Bake!


I was very happy with my scores, as the week started. I shot a new personal best on Tuesday 441-9X and then bested myself on Saturday, with a 444-21X. Thursday, I started out the day cleaning the 800 yard line, shooting another personal best at 150-12X. In the Master Category, I placed second overall for the PALMA Match and fourth Master overall in the Grand Aggregate.


I had a lot of fun in Lodi, and I am looking forward to attending next years events and having the opportunity to see familiar faces and be on that beautiful range again.


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