Winding Down the Season

The weather is getting colder fast and shooting is winding down for the year. Nevertheless, it has been a great year! So let us recap the season shall we. I got to attend the Midwest Palma championships for the first time this year and had a very good time, from seeing old friends and meeting new friends, and firing the cannon to end the matches at the end of the week, that trip was an amazing experience and am looking forward to next year.

Then came Camp Perry, the trip my entire summer is planned around, and always flies by excessively fast. This year was easily one of the best years to the national matches I have ever had. Shooting the CMP matches, Mid-Range, Long-Range, and a Team Match for International Full-Bore, it was truly a trip to remember. This year brought me new memories and new friends.

This year, I also moved from Washington State to Kentucky, and my shooting has broadened. Shooting at all of the local matches will the people around here is a blast! They are a truly unique group of people that I enjoy seeing and competing against at the matches. However, one of the biggest things that will always remember for this year is taking home my first title as overall Match winner, which also just happened to me the Kentucky Long-Range state championships. Even though the shooting season is almost done, now is the time of year for reloading and for me to get lots of dry firing done. I want to keep my skills sharp and my aim on point! I hope you all had a wonderful shooting season and if you do not shoot hopefully, I will see you out on the range some time having some fun with the rest of us shooters.


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