Busy Start

The shooting season is well under way, and off to a very busy start. Since my last post, I have traveled back to Camp Atterbury a few times as well as Camp Butner- North Carolina, Miami R&P in Ohio, and Borden Indiana. So far, I have had a very strong start to my shooting season and cannot wait to see where this strong start takes me over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I am currently in Pennsylvania and preparing for the Midwest Palma Championships in Lodi, Wisconsin then the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Besides my local matches in Ohio and Indiana, I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina to take part in the East Coast Palma Championships. That was such a wonderful and fun experience to take part in that relatively new match. While there, I took first in the Master class and High Junior overall. It was such a great match to attend and a beautiful but tricky range to shoot at. We luckily beat the weather every day and did not have to shoot in the rain, which is always nice. As an added bonus to a great match, while at Camp Butner, I had the opportunity to meet and see the U.S. Long-Range Muzzle Loading team. They were holding their tryouts for their world championships coming up, and I got to speak with many of the different team members about muzzle loading and their different rifles. At the end of the day when I had finished shooting and all my gear was packed up, I went to watch them finish their shooting at the 1,000-yard line and was asked if I would like to shoot a round. I had never shot a muzzleloader so their processes and rifles were very interesting to me, and getting to shoot one was like a dream come true. The rifle I shot was a 150+ year old British Muzzle loader, and after I learned the loading procedures I got down on the line and prepared to fire at their 5V style target. Once I got my shot all lined up and was ready to pull the trigger I gave the heavy trigger a squeeze and BANG the .41 caliber bullet was headed down range and the target went down. I was so excited to just get the chance to shoot the gun that I forgot to even look at where I hit on the target, or if I even hit it at all. As soon as I walked off the line everyone reminded me to go back and look at my score and I could not quite see it, so when they asked I told them it looked pretty close to the middle and then the scorekeeper called out V Bull!

This weekend I am in Pennsylvania for the Remington Open Long Range Regional Championship Match and am very excited to be here and shoot! I will try and post every day after the matches and let you know how everything is going here.


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