Remington Open Long Range Regional Championship Match

FullSizeRenderWell the weekend is over, and man, was it tricky! This was my first time shooting at Reade range and it was such an experience. We had some really tricky wind and mirage all weekend that was blowing everyone all over the targets.

Friday was the first day of shooting and even though the scores did not count for the overall, aggregate it was still considered a registered match and the scores would be turned into the NRA. At the end just like all the other scores but we also had the 4 man team match that day after the two strings at 1000 yards for individuals. During the individuals I shot a 197-5x and then a 199-9x. Have yet to clean the 1000-yard line so I was really happy with the 199 because it is the closest I have ever came to cleaning the 1000, so I set a new personal best for myself.

Saturday is when the competition really started to heat up and so did the conditions on the range. Friday was a relatively calm day compared to Saturday and boy, oh boy, I thought the range was throwing everything it had at us, trying to see who it could trip up; but that was nothing compared to Sunday. On Saturday I shot a 196-1x, 197-5x, and a 191-3x.IMG_6003

Sunday was the day the range separated the men from the boys (or the women from the girls) the morning started out real cloudy and hard to read conditions, but then as the morning went on, it gave us all it had for conditions. It got windy and sunny and was changing or completely switching every time you looked in the scope. On Sunday I shot a 191-8x then a 189-6x.

Over all, it was an amazing weekend and such a wonderful range to shoot at. I really feel that I learned a lot from shooting there; not only about that range, but about also different skills that I can use to hopefully better understand some of the other ranges I shoot at as well. There were also tons of great prizes that were awarded as well, and I brought home an autographed copy of Bryan Litz’s book- Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting. I have heard so many great things about this book and cannot wait to read it!

Congratulations to Adam Fitzpatrick for winning High Jr. overall for the weekend! Your scores were out of this world and I still love your new stock you used!


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