Atterbury Across-The-Course Regional

Last weekend I shot an Across-the-course Regional and leg match at Camp Atterbury in Indiana, and even though it was very hot and humid, the match was still a lot of fun.

On Saturday, there were about 40 people in attendance, which was a good turn out, and gave everyone a good idea of how many legs could possibly be given out the next day. For those who do not know, a “leg” is a shooting slang word meaning Leg points. To go distinguished in across-the-course, you have to have a total of 30 leg points, and one “hard leg” which is either 8 or 10 points which means you were the match winner that day. On Sunday, we had enough people to give out three legs. Although I did not make the cut to get leg points Sunday I had an amazing shooting day Saturday taking third place overall and high Jr overall. I was pleased with my performance in the match with an amazing offhand score, and look forward to improving even more in the future. In the offhand I shot a 192-3x, rapid sitting was a 196-6x rapid prone 192-2x, and slow fire prone was a 188-4x which totaled me out for the day at a 768-15x.

For the next 12 days, I will be in Lodi Wisconsin shooting the Midwest Palma Championships, Wisconsin State long-range championships and a U-25 Long-range team practice. I will do my best to try to post how it goes day by day. Wish me luck!



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