Perry Complete 

Camp Perry 2015 is complete and wow what a trip! The last 2 weeks at Perry I competed in the 2015 National Full-bore Championships and The World Long-Range championships. Both consisted of individual and team competitions and a chance at seeing who the best in the world is!

All matches were broken down into 4 separate categories which really turned the matches into 4 separate matches depending on which category you fell under. The category’s were U-21, U-25, Veterans, and Adults or everyone else who was to old to be considered U-25 but to young to be considered a veteran. Once these categories were sorted you fired against everyone else in your category for a chance at the title of Full-bore and world champion.

I fired in the U-21 category and placed 18th in the world. I also got to shoot in the U-25 5 man team match and we placed 3rd overall bringing home the bronze U-25 world championship team match metal! Also during the team match I was the highest scoring team member by only dropping three points all day. Shooting with all the boys was such a great experience and tons of fun! I wouldn’t have wanted to be on any other team.

This year at Perry was such a great experience and I can not wait till 4 years from now to go to New Zealand and shoot in another World Championships!


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