Hello Again

Well it’s been awhile and I’m sorry it has been so long! So let’s start with a happy new year!! (three months late) but it is a new year and you know what that means?!?? That’s right another amazing chance to travel around and shoot guns at paper form different yard lines and positions! High power season is about to start up again but I used my time off very wisely! After the completion of the national and world championships at camp Perry I began school at the University of Akron and began to shoot small bore and air rifle for their club team. It was a very interesting experience at first because I had never shot small bore like this. But that was not the only major change that I made during this off season, I now shoot left handed. I have been right handed left eye dominant for a very long time however, I shot right handed and just closed my left eye. Well this is very wrong in the shooting world. You want to keep both eyes open while you are shooting and looking through the sights and because my left eye was so strong I could not keep it open and a blinder didn’t help either. The only way I could properly see out of the sights and such was to close my left eye completely. Well when my coach here at Akron U found that out she said nope and handed me a left handed rifle and since then with lots of work and help I started shooting left handed and all the work has been worth it. I already can tell that this is going to be one of my best Highpower seasons yet! I am so excited to travel to Lodi, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and wherever this season takes me and challenge myself and improve my skills.


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