Black Widow


Since switching to left handed I have lot of new experiences. But this also requires new gear including a new gun. Because of this I have been working on a new gun build and it has been a very big learning experience for me. All of my guns have names and I have created a theme for these names. All of my guns are names after super heroes. My right handed .308 Palma Rifle is The Hulk and my right handed 6BR Match Rifle is Iceman. My AR-15 is Captain America and my M1 Garand is Mjolnir. To stick with this theme my newest rifle will be named Black Widow. To stick with this theme black and red had to be my color choices. My stock is a black and red Laminate Stock Made by Carl Bernosky. My Barrel is a medium Palma contour with skipped fluting from Brux Barrels. The Trigger is a Mod22 Rem Style Trigger with tactical trigger shoe from X-Treme Shooting Products. And the action is a Custom Defiance Rebel Action made by Defiance Machine. I have not decided on sights yet but I will hopefully and place the orders for them. The pictures here are of my stock, trigger, and barrel but unfortunately I do not have my action yet or a picture of it but hopefully soon. Within the next week or so I will be sending out all of my parts to my amazing gun smith Eric Smith at ES-Tactical and when he receives these and my action he will be able to begin work on my new rifle. I do not know when it will be complete but I will be sure to keep all of you up to date with pictures when I can. I’m so very excited to have my new rifle complete and I cannot wait to see where I go in the shooting sports with it.


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