Presidents Hundred rifle match.

First fired in 1878, the President’s Rifle Match, a National Trophy Rifle Match, was incorporated into the National Match program after the Nationals were established in 1903. The President’s Rifle and Pistol Matches have become especially prestigious because the match winners traditionally receive letters of congratulations from the President of the United States of America. The top 100 competitors in the President’s Rifle Match are designated as the “President’s Hundred” and receive President’s Rifle Match Medallions and certificates. To e apart of the President’s Hundred is a great honor and achievement that many shooters strive for. The match usually consists of about 1200 shooters and is fired on two ranges with 6 relays. (To learn more about the Presidents Hundred rifle match you can visit the CMP website at ).

This year I got to compete in the Presidents Hundred rifle match and I fired a score of 287-3x which put me in 69th place and put me for the first time into the Presidents Hundred. I am so very excited to be able to go get a patch, pin, and sticker to show that I have made the presidents hundred. I will wear them with pride and I can not wait to try again next year and hopefully make it again. 


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