Remington advanced clinic 

Over the weekend I participated in the Remington advanced clinic here at camp perry. Every year the Remington rifle team partners up with the CMP and put on an advanced marksmanship clinic for those who wish to take it while at the national matches. It is 3 days long and covers many things like the fundamentals of marksmanship to cleaning, care, and proper use of your rifles and components. It also covers how to conduct yourself on the range and everything you need to do to break a good shot every time. Even though the days were super long and by the end of the day I was super tired I still feel like I learned quite a bit. I took many pages of notes and we spent lots of time dry firing. After we finished our exam on the third day and received our certificates most of us went out to confirm our zeros on the range for the squadded practice however due to a huge storm we did not get to shoot the squadded practice because we had to evacuate the rage and they canceled it after that. The first match of the national matches is the presidents 100 and I can’t wait! 

The rain was so heavy you couldnt see anything and the thunder was so loud it shook the building

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