Team matches

The last few days I have been competing, coaching, and watching team matches. The first day was a two man team match which I competed in and what a fun day. My partner and I had a pretty good day, like always it had its good and bad parts but overall we competed well together and are excited to try again next year. After the two man team match the next day was the 6 man team match. I did not have a team to shoot on this day so I hung out with the Pennsylvania state service rifle team and kept score for them.
The next day was rattle battle and this is always a neat match to watch because you spread 384 rounds of ammunition across 6 shooters and you fire at 8 targets. This match each team is allowed two coaches however, the coaches are only allowed to use binoculars. I was asked to coach the Illinois state team for this match. What a great group of guys and such a fun match to coach! After a day off I got to compete in the NRA 2 man team match with Fritz Hemplemann who is a member of the Remington rifle team. I had a great few days but am very excited to start the 3 days of individual NRA matches.


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