Perfect Practice Allows For Perfect Performance


This week at practice time flew by. On Wednesday I decided to start my practice by cleaning both my smallbore and air rifle. Cleaning our guns is a very important part of our shooting. A clean Rifle is a happy rifle and a happy rifle shoots tighter groups. (abiding that the shooter does his or her part adequately) After I finished cleaning my rifles one of my fellow team mates asked me to take a look at his standing position and help him out with any tips or pointers to help him. When I got up to the line and looked at what was going on and listen to him explain what he was feeling was going on, I realized that there was a lot I could show him to hopefully help him improve his shooting. So I took the night and helped him with his standing position and helping him also made me realize some of the things I was doing wrong. So on the second night of practice I worked on my standing position and still have quite a bit of work to accomplish to make it even better. But thats a project for next weeks practice.


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