No Guts No Glory


Well tonight turned from great to sad in a matter of about 10 shots. We were shooting a guts match which is where everyone lines up in the standing position and everyone loads 1 round and you have 75 seconds to fire 1 shot and who ever has the lowest shot is out of the match and you go till there is only 1 person left and once there is only 1 person that person must shoot a 10 or else everyone gets to stand back up and we start all over. So tonight I was getting my gear ready and getting set up and I noticed that my butt plate on my smallbore rifle was loose so I got a screw driver and tightened it. Well it just kept turning and turning so I stopped and decided to start shooting. (Note: this is not the first time it has become loose and I knew it was starting to strip out.) So I begin shooting and I shoot a few 10’s and a 9 then 5 or 6 more 10’s then the sight in period ends and  we begin the match and and I’m off to a great start couple 10’s and a 9 then all of a sudden I notice the butt plate has become very loose and I just tell myself it will be ok and keep shooting then break another great shot and call it a 10 and it comes up an 8 so I brush it off and on the next shot break another perfect shot and it comes up a 7 then I look down and my buttplate has completely stripped out of the rifle and my great string turns into sadness because I could not shoot smallbore for the rest of the night. My rife will need some work but I still have my air rifle so tomorrow I will be in the air rifle range getting some great air practice in. There is always a positive no matter what happens. Tonights positive is I am now going to get the air rifle practice I have been meaning to get.


On another note I would like to direct everyones attention to my sponsorship page where I have just added a new logo! A huge shoutout goes out to Eric Smith and ES Tactical who is currently working to complete my new Palma rifle Black Widow. But we can not forget all the other important people involved in my new rifle such as Brux Barrels, XTSP, Defiance Machine, and my parents Mike and Katrina Pitre! I couldn’t have done it without all of you.


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