We made it!

IMG_7853.JPGIm super excited to announce that this last weekend the Zips Rifle Club qualified to go to the national championships again in Georgia! We all qualified on an individual and team basis. This will be my second year shooting in the national club championships for both smallbore and air rifle and I am so excited to see where we place this year as a team and on an individual level!

It was a very fun filled an interesting weekend for me. We started in air rifle Saturday afternoon and then shot Smallbore Saturday evening. Starting in air rifle was interesting and really challenged my focus going from a fun filled day of adventuring the town to focusing in on the task at hand. But of course with my mental game this really was no problem at all. However, my mental game was put to the test later on in the match when I closed the chamber on my air rifle and it went off. I immediately raised my hand to inform the range officer knowing that I was going to have to take a miss for that shot and then contunined to shoot. One of the hardest things is having something happen that is out of your control but its a great learning experience img_7850because all you can do is move on. You can’t fight it or dwell on it. You need to refocus and move on to the the next shot like nothing ever happened. At the end of the day I could not have been more proud of myself as well as my teammates. We are all so supportive of each other and if something goes wrong for one person we are all there to help them though it. I couldn’t be apart of a better team!

On IMG_2291.JPGSunday we had the day off so we went to Hershey’s chocolate world! Obviously with us being in Hershey Pennsylvania we had to go to the factory and it was a blast! We went on the tour and bought souvenirs for ourselves and our family. I myself got a t-shirt and a personal sized tea light founde pot and got my dad a cool hat! (But he doesn’t know that yet) (although he will now cause he is subscribed to my blog haha). All in all it was an amazing weekend with friends and family!

A huge shout out to my mom for driving out for the weekend to hang out with us and watch us shoot! Yours and dads support means everything to me and no matter if I have a good day shooting or a bad day your guys hugs and “good job” means everything to me. I would not be where I was today without you guys! Sorry you didn’t get to make it the weekend dad.

Look out Georgia here we come!img_7849


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