Captian’s got a new look

As we Prepare for the 2017 high power season my match calendar is BUSY! However, I am super excited to make a couple big announcements about the upcoming season.


This year I will be shooting with the Remington Rifle Team which is a huge honor and I am super excited to be apart of the group to not only shoot with them but also to help teach and support the growth of our shooting sport. Many people don’t know that Remington Arms Company  puts on clinics that teach fundamental marksmanship and this year I will be assisting in teaching many of these clinics. Sometimes teaching is the best way of learning. because if you truly feel that you know a subject try teaching it and if you can explain it well then theres a good chance you know what you are doing. Unless you didn’t have the correct concept in the first place then you just explained it wrong to someone else. But hopefully thats not the case. I love teaching people abouimg_9848t the shooting sports and showing them the basics and watching them excel.

I will also be debuting my new Palma rifle I had built last year and thanks to my wonderful parents and gunsmith it is almost ready for me to see! For those of you who don’t know
my gun is a surprise for me. I picked all the parts and have seen everything individually but once my gunsmith got everything and began work I was no longer allowed to see it, so it will be a total surprise! However, my spies tell me that it looks AMAZING! and I am going to love it. More on that rifle to come in the near future!
Today however, I would like to talk about across the course. Last year brought many changes to our shooting sport with the introduction of the new rules allowing service rifles to have scopes. I did not have a scope last year so I opted out of taking part in this new “style” of shooting. However, thanks to NightForce Optics this year I have a Scope! And thaimg_5556ts not the only new thing on Captain America this year! I also have a collapsible stock and a new rock river flattop upper! I am very excited to begin the season and start shooting this bad boy and see how it goes! Its going to be a great year!


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