Black W1dow

IMG_8554I’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while. The day my new Palma rifle arrives. Since last Wednesday I have been checking my UPS tracking number relentlessly to see where it was and when I could see my new rifle. So why was this gun so special? Why was I so excited to see what it looks like? Well to understand that we need to recap….IMG_8556

In July, I posted a blog post titled “Black Widow” in this post I talked about switching to left handed and building a new gun. Since then it has been a long wait to see this gun completed. However, once my gunsmith got all the parts he did something I was not expecting. He took all the parts and told me everything that happens now is a surprise. So, for what seems like forever I have been waiting to see what my new rifle would look like. I had been hearing different things from everyone talking about how good the gun looks and how happy I’m going to be when I see it. My parents had been getting a few photos here and there and would show everyone but me. My imagination ran wild as they whispered and talked and laughed. I just wanted to know I wanted pictures, but no one ever told me. All I have thought about all week has been today, and all day today I have just been jumping around just waiting for 6pm.

IMG_8572Now completed this rifle is a .308 Palma rifle with a black and red Laminate Stock Made by Carl Bernosky. My Barrel is a medium Palma contour with skipped fluting from Brux Barrels. The Trigger is a Mod22 Rem Style Trigger with tactical trigger shoe from X-Treme Shooting Products. And the action is a Custom Defiance Rebel Action made by Defiance Machine. The front sight is a Riles 30mm Palma sight. The rear sight is a Left-Handed Phoenix Precision side mount sight. The details of the black widow on the action and the spider web on the bolt knob was done by Silencer Co. and this was all put together by Eric Smith at ES-Tactical.IMG_8563

I am so happy to have my new rifle. Now that finals are done here at school I will be heading home to show my parents my new rifle in person, and we will begin all the work on load developing and loading my ammo for the season. Hopefully I will be able to shoot my first match next weekend in Malvern, OH. I can’t wait!


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