National Championships Day 1

Well after being here for a few days we completed the first day of the National Championships. But, don’t let it fool you today wasn’t the first day we shot. So, let’s start at the beginning. After arriving at camp Atterbury on Thursday (7/6/17) I got my room and my packet, then unpacked and settled in. Now for those wondering why are you at Atterbury and not Camp Perry or for those who don’t know the NRA National Matches are now at camp Atterbury in Indiana. After over 100 years of tradition the NRA National Matches moved away from their home at Camp Perry Ohio to find a new home here in Indiana. This inaugural year marks the first of hopefully many years to come here at camp Atterbury, marking a new era in competitive shooting. Although it’s a whole new location you still see the same familiar faces that you are used to seeing at camp Perry every year.


Friday, I shot the Indiana’s Governor’s cup which was supposed to be a 50-shot match however, due to time and weather conditions we stopped the match after the 300-yard line. I fired a 291-9x. firing a 93-2x standing, a 99-3x sitting, and a 99-4x rapid prone. Then, on Saturday I fired in a two-man team match with my boyfriend Joe Hendricks. It was a fun day and a great warm up match for us. We called ourselves the Rogue Two and our combined score was a 961-22x. then on Sunday we competed in a four-man team match. I Fired on a team called Reade Range that consisted of myself, Joe Hendricks, Dave Shellhammer, and Bill Bowers. As a team, we fired a combined score of 1955-75x placing us fourth overall.

IMG_8894Today being the first day of individuals we fired 20 shots standing 20 shots rapid fire sitting and 20 shots rapid fire prone. I fired a 191-2x in standing, in rapid sitting I fired a 197-3x, and at 300 rapid fire prone I shot a 200-9x. I had so much fun today and cannot wait to shoot more tomorrow. If you want to watch the scores online you can go to:


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