NRA National Championships Day 2 and 3

img_8895.jpgUnfortunately, there is no news to report for day 2 because it rained all day. Unless you want to hear about how during the rain delay I sat in the car and played a game on my IMG_8897phone called dancing line. Then, around 11 they said we were headed down range at 12:45 to just finish the standing stage of the match. Unfortunately, when we got down there they had to once again evacuate the range and called it for the day. So, I went to the outlet malls and walked around looking in all the shops at clothing and stuff. I only found one thing I really liked but I still didn’t buy it. I want to save my money for commercial row at Perry!


However, today day 3 was a great day! We fired standing, rapid prone, and 2 strings at 600 yards. To start the day in standing I fired a 195-5x, then at 300 rapid prone I fired a 196-6x. At 600 I fired 193-4x on my first string and a 193-7x on my second string.

Tomorrow is the last day of the NRA National Matches and I am sad that it is coming to an end but also at the same time I am very excited to head to Camp Perry to shoot the CMP National Matches.


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