Playing Catch up 2.0 Part 1

IMG_9095So, let me start by saying that I’m super sorry that this took so long to post! I really did mean to post every day after the matches, but everything got so busy, that I didn’t have the time I thought I was going to have. So, here I am playing catch up to tell you guys how awesome the national matches were. Now, the title says 2.0 at the end because this is the second time I’m writing this. I wrote it when I got home from long range, but my computer then decided to delete the whole file so here we go again. And, this is part 1 because to tell you guys about all the amazing things that happened, it was over 4 pages on my word document! So, I cut it down into 3 separate parts for your guys reading convince. So, let’s pick up where we left off.

NRA Across the course day 4
This was the last day of the NRA Across the Course national matches, and we fired standing, rapid prone, and slow fire prone. In standing, I fired a 194, in rapid prone, I unfortunately can’t remember or find my score, but it was above 190, but my 600-yard score was a 198-6x! To that point that was the highest 600-yard slow fire score I have ever shot with my service rifle. I was very pleased with my efforts at 600 yards, and I been have absolutely blown away by my Nightforce fixed 4.5 power service rifle scope! Before this year, I had never shot a scope. I was worried about the transition period, but the transition from irons to scope was flawless for me. I ended up shooting around the same scores as I was shooting with irons right off the bat, and then after just two matches, I was shooting scores higher then I have ever shot! That night after the matches we had the awards to go to. I won the master civilian service rifle class which was awesome, and I placed 32nd overall in the service rifle category! It was such an amazing year at the NRA XTC Nationals, and I left there excited and ready to go to the CMP XTC National Matches!


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