Playing Catch up 2.0 Part 2

FullSizeRender 2CMP National Across the Course Matches
I arrived at Camp Perry Saturday night ready to wake up early Sunday to get my competitor packet and shoot a new match this year at the CMP nationals called the Oliver Hazard Perry match. This match replaced the squadded practice and consisted of 200-yard rapid fire sitting, 300-yard rapid fire prone, and 600-yard slow fire prone. Unfortunately, due to time I did not shoot the new match. The range we were supposed to shoot on was still being used by the Small Arms Firing School. Due to complications from their match earlier in the day, they were running a few hours behind. Instead of starting the match very late, and getting off the range past 7pm, I decided that my rest was more important, and I went back to my room and prepared for the next day, which was the Presidents Hundred!

IMG_8939CMP Day 1 Presidents 100
The Presidents Hundred is my favorite match of the year! Ever since I started shooting, one of my big goals was to make the presidents hundred, and last year I made that goal a reality by placing in the top 100 shooters! This year I not only wanted to make the hundred but I wanted to place higher than I did last year and I definitely accomplished that goal! This year I placed……. Well let’s not just skip to the best part. Let’s back up… so, the night before the match, I was on the phone with my dad and we were playing a game of what ifs, and I asked what if I win the presidents 100? Like, win the overall and he told me if I win the overall that he would buy me a motorcycle, which, I was like really, no way?!?! Because I really want a motorcycle. So, we made the bet! The next morning, I made the Viale death march down to the 200-yard line, to begin the battle against the other 1107 competitors. With my Rock River National Match A4 CMP upper, with a Nightforce Competition SR Fixed Sr-1 4.5×24 Zerostop Scope (Thank you Nightforce!!!), and a Bushmaster lower receiver with a Magpul UBR GEN2 collapsible stock, we started the match. The Presidents Hundred rifle match is 10 shots standing at 200 yards, 10 shots rapid prone at 300 yards, and 10 shots slow fire prone at 600 yards. I fired a 97-3x standing, a 100-3x rapid prone and a 100-3x slow fire IMG_8951prone at 600 yards. For a total score of 297-9x out of a possible 300 points. This not only put me in the top 100 but it put me in the top 20! 3rd, to be specific. So, that meant that I was in the shoot off! I had never been in a shoot off before, so I was unbelievably excited! The shoot off was another 10 shots slow fire prone at 600 yards. However, we had a time limit of 50 seconds for each shot with everyone’s targets getting scored at the same time, and run up together; and we started the process over for the next shot, until all 10 shots were fired. I fired a 94-1x in the shoot off making my total score a 391-10x placing me 14th overall as well as high Jr. and high woman. I also set a new Women’s National Record.


IMG_8956CMP Day 2 NTI (Leg Match)
NTI Stands for the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match and every year this match is the National Leg match, where non-distinguished shooters get the chance to compete to earn leg points towards their Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge. Going into this year, I had 10 points that I earned at the National Matches two years ago. This year, I wanted 10 more. A leg match is a 50-round match that is 10 shots standing, 10 shots rapid sitting, 10 shots rapid prone and 20 shots slow fire prone. standing and sitting went great – both scores being in the upper 90’s. At the 300 rapid fire string, I had a little goof. I made a bad wind call, giving me a score in the low 90’s. I was optimistic that I could still make the cut, so I buckled down and gave it my all at the 600. And through tricky winds, I prevailed! Looking at my overall score, I knew I was gonna be right on the bubble for leg points, but in the end, I made the cut, and received 10 more leg points! That now puts me at 20 of the 30 points needed to go distinguished. FullSizeRender 5


CMP Day 3 and 4
The last two days were team matches, and I shot the two-man team match with my friend Eli Edwards. This is the second year Eli and I have shot this match together, and we had some bumps in the road throughout the day, but we had fun shooting together. The last day I was at Perry, was the 6-man team match, and since I didn’t have a team to shoot on I became a professional target puller and pulled targets for the Texas service rifle team and made some money. Then, I was on the road headed back to Camp Atterbury.


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