First match of the year

Well it finally happened! I kicked off the work boots, laced up my combat boots, and got out to my first match of the 2018 shooting season. Let me tell you, besides the stiff new shooting jacket, there really were not that many cobwebs to knock off.

I’m always a little nervous going to shoot my first match of the year. It’s like I think from season to season all the information is just gonna fall out of my head in my sleep haha. But as soon as I pick up the rifle my brain just goes into a different setting, the muscle memory kicks in, and everything just happens exactly how it is supposed to.

The match I shot Saturday was a 300 yard reduced course match, and it didn’t go to bad. I shot a 96-2x offhand, a 98-4x rapid sitting, a 99-4x rapid prone and a 198-10x slow fire prone. This gave me a total score of 491-20x which was enough to win the match. I had never shot at Clairton Sportsmen Club, in Pittsburgh, PA before, but it was a beautiful range and a well run match. I am excited to have the opportunity to go back there, and shoot again later this season. 


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